Asset Management

Asset management includes more than paper investments. At Axial we help families in managing a wide array of assets. Our integrated property management and advisory services help families in achieving the full potential of their real estate holdings, companies, and portfolios. Our team has the ability to provide consolidated reporting on various family investments, allowing the family to see their entire financial picture all in one place.

We partner with asset and money managers at the national and local level along with several boutique investment managers. We work with portfolio managers and investment advisors to meet the needs of the families we serve and work with the family in finding the right investment team based on their goals, values, and risk profile.

Axial Family Advisors does not take custody of client funds. For traditional liquid investments we advise families in the areas of asset allocation, portfolio manager selection, and tax implications. Fees and costs associated with each allocation are carefully reviewed, as one of our primary goals is to keep investment related costs low for the family. Research has shown that over time fees and costs can eat into investment returns, thus leaving the family with less in total liquid assets to meet their specified goal(s).

Axial’s ability to assist in asset management generally falls within the following areas:

  • Real estate/ property management
  • Traditional paper investments (stocks, bonds, review and selection of portfolio managers, etc.)
  • Illiquid investments (limited partnerships, hedge funds, private placements)
  • Family business interests
  • Multi-generation trusts
  • Private foundations
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