Dealing With Identity Theft

About 7 percent of Americans over the age of 16 are victims of identity theft every year. There is a strong possibility that, at some point, your identity will be stolen. While everyone hopes it will never happen to them, it’s always best to be prepared. Here are the essential steps to take if your identity is stolen.
Alert the Bank
Alert the company that is associated with the compromised information. Notify them of the situation and ask to freeze any affected accounts. Be sure to change all log in information and PIN numbers to ensure security.



Call a Credit Bureau
Put a freeze on your credit report by alerting either Experian, TransUnion or Equifax of the fraud. Activating a freeze is free and will last for 90 days, after which you can renew if necessary.





Report to FTC
Contact the Federal Trade Commission ( to file a report with as many details as possible. They will assist in sorting out the recovery process.





Call Local Police
File a report with your local police. Have as much information as possible on hand. This way, in the event of legal action or debt collections as a result of the fraud, you have official records clearing your name.




Contact Businesses
Contact the businesses that were subjected to fraudulent purchases to get the charges removed. You may have to supply the paperwork from the FTC and/or local police as evidence of your identity being stolen.