Meet the Team

We work hard to ensure you have the best experience possible. Meet our team below.

Michael Dean*
Partner | CEO

Tunde Ogunlana, CFS
Founder | Family Wealth Advisor

Zabrina Hobor
Marketing & Operations Director

Alva R. Royston, SR.
Managing Director | Investments & Asset Allocation

Jake Levine*
Real Estate & Financial Representative

Teri Boatman
Client Service Operations Director

Wealth Advisor

Audwin F. Levasseur, J.D.*
Family Wealth Advisor

Hiram Ocariz, CPA*
Income & Business Tax

Elyn Lautin
Client Service Operations Support

Karla Ferguson, Esq.*
Art Advisor

Michael Wild*
Trusts & Estates

Anthony Brunson, CPA*
Tax & Audit

Denise Diaz – Garrastacho, CPA*

Jill Ginsberg, Esquire*
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney

Katie Greenman*
Philanthropy | Charitable Giving

* These individuals are not affiliated nor registered with SagePoint Financial, Inc.