At Axial we put together personalized roadmaps to help your family make the most of their financial journey.

Listening deeply, our advisors craft strategies specifically tailored to your values and goals. We talk from experience and act with intent, educating and empowering families to look beyond the immediate and gain the clarity necessary long term goals. Along the way, we take into account the multiple generations and various personal dynamics that make each family unique.

Why Axial Family Advisors?

At Axial Family Advisors, our focus is on serving our community of families. We are paid by the family to serve not only as their guide in their financial journey (helping them base their financial decisions on their goals and values, not the hot topic or idea of the week) but also as their financial resource. We coordinate the various moving pieces of the family’s financial world, regularly review fees, premiums, and other costs associates with the modern financial world to ensure that families not only get the best value for any products and services but just as importantly understand what they own and why they own it. We act as the family’s CFO so they can focus on what’s important to them while knowing they are being taken care of.

What Makes Axial Different?

The relationship between the firm and the financial advisor – that being where the advisor is paid to sell a product, service, or a proprietary strategy to the client, can leave the family feeling more often than not like they’ve been sold and not served.

With the exponential growth of the ultra-high net worth demographic since the beginning of the 21st century the multi-family office industry has focused primarily on families worth in excess of $250 million. Many families in the net worth range served by Axial find that they do not have the level of liquid assets that may grant them the level of service and attention they desire at a traditional firm. Having identified the gap in service for families with complex business and financial interest, Axial Family Advisors differentiates itself by providing multi-family office services specifically tailored to their needs.

Axial Family Advisors is 100% privately owned. Our services are fee based, not being driven by commissions or transaction costs, providing the transparency desired by most families.

Who We Serve

Focusing on our families’ goals and objectives, our experience has taught us there are recurring themes of concern that arise with each family. Helping a family achieve their goals no matter how large or small is of utmost importance to us.  We have discovered that the harmonious coordination of a family’s personal assets – from money and finances, insurances, taxes, & estate planning. Achieving harmony and financial independence are just a few of the areas in which a family needs our expertise.

We’ve developed a methodology that can help families have more time and live the lifestyle they want.  Our families delegate several areas of activity to Axial, all the while leveraging our technology to monitor and oversee all of their assets in real time. Many individuals who have built their nest egg from the ground up, are focused on their businesses or profession, and may have a spouse, children, or other heirs, have told us that there may not be an interest, desire, or financial acumen to handle the family’s financial affairs in the event of death or disability of the family matriarch or patriarch. Axial has approached this concern by providing an environment focusing on multi-generational planning and working hand-in-hand with current and surviving heirs, an executor of an estate, and trustees. Our legal relationships are available to represent the family’s interest in probate court if necessary, as trustee, and help in settling any potential disputes.

There are also times that events can cause a shock to the family. Not only the death of a family member, but divorce, disability, windfall from an inheritance or sale of a business, are also areas that can put stress on the family dynamic. Families that find themselves in such places may feel overwhelmed in making decisions, which is where Axial’s ability to help them navigate the storm is of greatest value.

Lastly, those families who have members with special needs can also become overwhelmed with the circumstances associated with their loved one’s care. Axial’s ability to assist in special needs trust planning and oversight, coordination of services and professionals such as social workers and professional care givers, along with our bill pay and property management services, can help provide plans for families in this area of need.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao-tzu

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