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Axial Hiram Ocariz

Hiram Ocariz

Income & Business Tax

One SE Third Avenue, Suite 1100
Miami, FL 33131

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Hiram Ocariz, Income & Business Tax

Hiram Ocariz CPA leads our professional team of accountants and consultants to help ensure clients achieve the vast potential of their financial assets at Axial Family Advisors. Hiram brings over 25 years of experience in foreign and domestic taxation; tax compliance for individuals; tax compliance for international and domestic corporations; and due diligence as it relates to mergers, acquisitions, corporate structuring, and the sale of companies.

Hiram earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida International University in 1984 and received his state accreditation as a certified public accountant in 1987. Over the years he’s earned several accolades for his work representing clients in construction, logistics, export, real estate development, wholesale and retail, and professional service industries on matters of government audits and foreign and domestic taxation. Hiram currently serves on the advisory board of Florida International University’s School of Accounting.

Hiram is not affiliated or registered with Sagepoint Financial, Inc.