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Axial Michael Dean

Michael Dean

Equity Partner

3340 Peachtree Rd Ste. 1800
Atlanta, GA 30326

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Michael Dean, Equity Partner

Michael joins Axial Family Advisors as an Equity Partner with more than 15 years of financial experience and successful leadership specializing in working with entrepreneurs, professional athletes and entertainers to coordinate the development and implementation of individualized investment strategies. Prior to Axial Family Advisors, Michael oversaw Dynasty Financial Group’s Sports and Entertainment Division, where he managed $400 million worth of Assets Under Management in client assets.

In 2020, Michael assisted with the merger between Axial Lifestyle and Privé Society to bring exclusive, unique, and luxurious services to our clients. Axial Lifestyle offers unparalleled access to the world’s most unique experiences and high-touch lifestyle services from the world’s leading luxury providers.


Michael received a B.A. degree in Finance from University of Illinois, and was a four-year letterman in football. He also played for the Carolina Panthers in 2000.

Michael is not affiliated or registered with Sagepoint Financial, Inc.